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Yemeni Scientific Research Foundation (YSRF) is a non-governmental organization founded in September 25, 1996 for the purpose of advancing the cause of science and scientific research in the Republic of Yemen through a partnership with the private sector. Among other activities, each year YSRF, through grants, finances an number of research proposals in different fields, both in basic and applied sciences. YSRF organizes annually the Science Conference during 11-13 October of the year, YSRF renders many other service to the scientific community in the Republic of Yemen.

YSRF Founders:

In September 1996 the following persons, in their names as citizens of the Republic of Yemen, founded YSRF:

Ali Abdullah Saleh Chairman
Abdul Kareem El-Iriani Member
Moustafa Yahia Bahran Member
Ali Mohammed Al-Meeri  Member
Abdul-Baki Al-Zaemey Member


YSRF Board of Directors:

Abdul Kareem El-Iriani  chairman
Moustafa Yahia Bahran Vice chairman
Ali Mohammed Al-Meeri Secretary General
Abdul-Baki Al-Zaemey Assistant Sec. G.
Abdul Karim Nasher  Member
Abobaker Al-Qirbi  Member
Saeed Ba-angood Member
Mohammed A. Al-kadasi  Member
Ahmed Daifalla Member
Abdu Al-Makaleh  Member