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Dear SC2004 participants

Finally, after more than nine months of hard work, the eleventh of October is closing in and it seems that this year's conference is going to be a phenomenon. SC2004 is the Seventh conference in our science conference series which has started on the eleventh of October of 1998 in the marvelous capital city of Sana’a which is this year the Arabic Cultural Capital.

The SC series was the birth child of a visionary group of people, I was fortunate to be among them. Our vision started to be realized in September of 1996 when His Excellency President Ali Abdullah Saleh headed the inauguration ceremony of our beloved Yemeni Scientific Research Foundation (YSRF). Today, YSRF as well as its annual science conference are not only a reality but also a bright point of light in our national presence.

This year, we at YSRF feel extremely blessed because we will have among us a superb group of scientists coming from around the globe from 25 countries which include some of the most prominent scientists in their fields such as Professor Farouk El-Baz of Boston University, and professor Helmut Hahn president of Berlin Medical. Therefore we not only welcome them but also promise to make their and your visit a memorable one. Our Yemeni, Arabic and Islamic hospitality is well known and also something we cherish very much.

We know that SC2004 will prove to be the greatest science meeting Yemen has experienced thanks to the scientists, organizers and sponsors.

In the name of our chairman Dr. Abdulkareem El-Iriani and the organizing committee as well as myself, I take a great pleasure in welcoming all of you to the science conference 2004.
Your sincerely

Dr. Moustafa Bahran

Conference Chairman

Vice Chairman - YSRF Board of Directors